Widely discussed within the natural hair community, is how to keep hair moisturized. If you jump online you’ll find everything from home remedies, traditionally used LOC (Leave in, Oil Cream) / LCO (Leave in Cream Oil)  methods and other foolproof tricks. But what if there was something else?  Bear with me here. Licensed Cosmetologists, Tight Curl specialists and founders of I Am Black Girl Curls, Aishia Strickland and Aeliese and many other licensed Cosmetologists have maintained for years that the fundamentals of great hair care includes Cleansing, Conditioning and Styling. Thus when it comes to keeping hair hydrated, the idea is to add / implement more water into your cleansing processes. 

Like Chance the Rapper said, “It’s just water”. While it may be controversial, the key to proper hydration starts with water and not one specific item being marketed as a “holy grail” product when it’s the latter. 

Here are 4 tips to guide you on your way towards hydrated hair : 

  • Get Professional Help: Consider partnering with a tight curl specialist to evaluate the needs of your hair and receive professional advice.
  • Regiment your wash schedule: Cement a consistent wash schedule each week (yes each week) to keep your scalp clean and free of built up products. 
  • Say no to co-washing: With the absence of shampoo your hair isn’t being properly cleansed, but instead being masked with additional product on top of the existing build up that shampoo would target. 
  • Trim your ends: Stay consistent with your trims and you’ll impact your hair’s overall health 

Here’s to healthy hydrated hair in 2022


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