You guys let us know via Instagram some of your biggest challenges with your natural hair. We asked @meetmyriam, an AMAZING natural hair stylist based in Florida to help us help y'all, so we can all flourish. 

You Asked:

"1: How do I Retain Length"

From @MeetMyriam: 

  • Hair grows from the inside out, so we must give our hair the nutrients it needs to thrive. Drink water and eat a healthy diet. Exercise.
  • Cleanse the hair and deep condition on a consistent basis.
  • Trim hair every 3-4 months to remove split ends.


You Asked:

"2: My hair is always so dry.
I don't know what to do?" 

From @MeetMyriam: 

  • Deep condition more often and use styling products that are rich in moisture. Look for leave-in conditioners / moisturizers that are creamy.

  • 4c hair that is deep conditioned on a consistent, weekly schedule tends to be more moisturized.


You Asked: 

"3: Detangling my 4c hair is the struggle of all struggles.
What am I doing wrong?"

From @MeetMyriam: 

What method or tools to use is determined by how much time has passed since your last detangling. Hair that has been worn in twists, coils or a protective style will need to be detangled twice.

Steps to properly detangling 4c hair:  

  • STEP ONE: FINGER DETANGLE Finger detangle first before washing. Unravel your hair from the style and pull apart / open your hair as much as possible.

  • STEP FOUR: DETANGLE With the conditioner in your hair, use a detangling brush to detangle your hair. (This is the best time to do a second, more thorough, detangling because your hair is moist and softened by the conditioner.) Detangle small to medium sections at a time. Avoid trying to detangle large sections. If the comb or brush isn’t getting through, make the section smaller. Place detangled sections into large twists or bantu knots to keep it from tangling again.



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