You’ve probably seen a number of @neonstylefox‘s photos on our account, we’re always swooning over her style and her fro. We caught up with her in LA, to talk hair and capture some images. When we linked we almost didn’t recognize her with straight hair, but we figured it to be a great opportunity to talk about the stigma around naturals and straightening their hair.

What made you straighten your hair before this trip?

Alicia: I straightened my hair because I didn’t want to bring a bag of natural hair products and didn’t feel like having to be bothered with keeping my fro perfect while on vacation. 
Neon Style Fox shot by Rachel Topping for 4c Only Club

How often do you straighten your hair? 

Alicia: I honestly only straighten my hair about 2x a year.

Have you encountered naturals who are anti-straightening? What are your thoughts on that?

Alicia: I have but I think people are only anti-straightening because they aren’t educated on how to safely apply heat to their curls without causing heat damage. 


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