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The chakra system could be compared to a spiritual nervous system, regulating function across mind, body, and soul. Seven main chakras, or energy wheels, run along the spine, each one of them ruling over different aspects of our lives. Located just above the crown of our head, the crown chakra, or sahasrara, represents our relationship to our higher self, a higher power, and enlightenment. The crown chakra is the only chakra outside of the physical body and for those of us with gravity-defying locks, it is shielded within our hair. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the neverending news cycle, you can use your hair care routine as a way to come back into alignment.

Here’s a simple DIY hair mask for connecting with the crown chakra:


5–7 drops of lavender essential oil

½ cup of cold-pressed coconut oil or cold-pressed oil of your choice

½ ripe avocado

1 tablespoon of raw honey

*Adjust measurements according to your hair’s thickness


  1. Mix ingredients in a bowl and stir or blend well. As you are stirring, bring your spiritual relationships to mind and think non-critically about how you’ve been engaging. Do you feel able to access bliss and joy? Do you feel connected to your best self, the self that exists outside of work and responsibilities?
  2. Slowly massage the mask into damp hair, working it from the roots to the ends. Work with care, thinking of your hands as massaging your crown chakra and allowing any negativity or stress to be released.
  3. Place a shower cap over your head for additional moisture and allow the mask to sit for 20 minutes. Set a timer and meditate during this time. Some options would be to do a chanting “Om” meditation, which is the sound associated with the crown chakra and believed to be the sound of the universe. You could picture a violet or white light shining into your crown chakra and cleansing your spirit. You could put on a relaxing playlist, focus on your breathing, and allow the scent of lavender to calm you.
  4. After 20 minutes have passed, wash out the mask with cool water and a gentle cleanser or vinegar rinse. As you watch the mask swirl down the drain, imagine that it has removed any spiritual stagnancy. You might conclude this ritual with a brief journal entry on how you feel after the mask compared to how you felt before.
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