Tiffany Malone is a woman who wears many hats i.e; The host of Soul Filling Podcast, a lifestyle coach, and a natural hair enthusiast. We got the opportunity to chat with Tiffany about her experience embracing her natural 4c hair and the impact it's had on her and her loved ones. 


We admire that you’re a woman that wears many hats. A really interesting “hat” that you wear is “inspirer.” Have you ever had a moment where being you / rocking your hair had an unexpected impact on someone else?

Tiffany: That's funny you all asked that question because the most unexpected impact I made was with my very own mother. With watching me go natural, years later she decided to go natural as well ( and now her hair is longer than mine ). 

What would you say to people who shy away from wearing their 4c hair out because it could be deemed “unprofessional?” 

Tiffany: You're your best when you feel beautiful. So if you feel beautiful wearing your natural 4c hair, wear it. That confidence is going to transfer over to you being an even better worker. So work it & werk it! Nobody will be able to tell you anything when you're killing it! "Be so good, they can't ignore you."


Has there ever been a point / instance in your life where YOU were self-conscious about your hair?   

Tiffany: Yes. I remember this one time at my best friends baby shower I was taking a group picture with all of her beautiful relatives. All Ethiopian with beautiful long curly hair ... and then there was me and my tightly coiled fro. I remember feeling so self conscious, because somehow I felt that my locs weren't as beautiful as theirs. Years later, I looked at that same picture and thought wow my fro was poppin & my skin was oh so chocolatey. I was trippin' that day. And it was a total waste of energy. Don't be like the old me. Embrace the beauty that is uniquely you. You're poppin' and don't you forget it! 



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